STRAIGHT THUGGIN’: Female Reporter Robbed While Filming Freddie Gray Protests [WATCH]

It’s funny how this punk tries to deny he was involved, even though the reporter has film of everything he did to her.

A reporter covering the protest over the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Maryland, Saturday night was robbed while recording footage.

The female reporter’s footage of the event, uploaded to YouTube and embedded below to view, shows a group of young men flashing obscene hand signals at the camera and shouting in an aggressive manner.

The reporter is then reportedly pushed to the ground.

Getting to her feet, she chases someone, yelling, “Stop! Give it back!” It appears that her bag was stolen.

Police were nearby and apprehended a man.

She tells police that he has her bag and he responds while being held on the ground, “It wasn’t me.”

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