Strangers Form Human Chain in Incredible Show of Heroism to Save Drowning Family

A family came close to death at a beach in Panama City, FL, when a current took them too far out in the ocean.

Emergency crews were called, but strangers witnessing the event recognized by the time the rescue crew got there it would probably be too late for the family.

Taking action, the beachgoers formed an 80-person human chain to rescue the family!

The chain stretched out to about a 100 yards into the ocean, which successfully reached the Ursrey family. One family member suffered a heart attack, during the incident, and was hospitalized.

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The Panama City News Herald reports that it all started Saturday when Roberta Ursrey noticed her sons were too far from shore and began screaming for help.

Family members swam out to get them but found the current strong, leaving nine people in about 15 feet of water.


This was an incredible show of heroism and we can applaud the human species for now.

By the way, the news anchors reporting the incident were incredibly tacky.

There had to have been a better ‘banter’ conversation than what they discussed, after reporting on this.


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