Strong Black Woman WINS ‘Miss USA’ Title, But Liberals HATE Her Because…

Usually, something controversial comes out of these “Miss” competitions, whether people want it or not.

This year, the winner herself was controversial. Miss D.C. Kara McCullough won the Miss USA crown.

She’s brilliant, working at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission as a chemist.

She is obviously gorgeous.

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And she has every liberal in a tizzy!

Why? When the question and answer section came up, she told the audience healthcare is a privilege, not a right, and that creating jobs is important.

She also said feminism is man-hating.

WOW! Do you love her?

Of course, liberals were all upset, despite Kara being strong, black woman scientist (what every “social justice warrior” cares about).

We love her answers. She is an awesome candidate and well deserving of the crown. Congratulations Kara!


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