Students Pay for Reckless Administrative Decisions: University of Nevada Pays Hillary Clinton $225K to Speak as Tuition Rises 17%

partner104Editor’s Note: Both college tuition and ratio of administrators to students are reaching historical highs in many places across the U.S. Coincidence? I think not.

Hillary Clinton will be getting $225,000 to speak at a university fundraiser later this year. Students at the same school, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, have recently been outraged that the institution is raising tuition by a staggering 17 percent.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has the details on the speaking gig. “Hillary Clinton will be paid $225,000 to address an Oct. 13 fundraiser for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, a reminder of how much cash the potential Democratic presidential candidate is scooping up on the speaking circuit as she draws GOP criticism for saying she’s ‘not truly well off,'” the paper reports.

The Oct. 13 UNLV Foundation dinner at the Bellagio is a pricey affair.

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“The dinner is $200 per seat, but donors also can buy full tables for 10 at various contribution levels, including for $20,000, $10,000, $5,000 and $3,000. The top contribution of $20,000 gets an invitation to a chef’s reception and four photo sessions with Clinton and autographed copies of her book.”

And the Las Vegas Sun has reported on the outrage over the tuition hike…

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