Study: Abortion Responsible for Huge Economic Loss

pregnant-ultrasound-fetus2-672x372Editor’s Note: Some people, under the guess of women’s rights and progressivism, consider abortion to be a viable solution to overpopulation and poverty. They are wrong. Ending life results in nothing but destruction.

The pro-life movement often talks of the science behind life in the womb, the fact that abortion leaves emotional, psychological and physical scars on women and the inherent beauty of every life. What we don’t often talk about, though, is money.

After all, doesn’t it seem somewhat crass to couch pro-life arguments in terms of economic benefit? The reality, though, is that abortion hasn’t impacted our society only in emotional, social, and cultural ways. It’s also impacted our society economically. And one political scientist is now claiming this very thing.

Mark A. Olson, a former liberal community organizer turned pro-life consultant, has published research that abortion in America has cost our nation more than $16 trillion in federal revenue – or approximately the amount of our current national debt.

In a slide presentation summarizing his research, he first notes that the figure of 50 million abortions far under-represents the cumulative population loss due to abortion, which he places at a staggering 126,469,904 as of January 1, 2014.

Based on this number, Olson applies the per capita individual tax burden to the lost population number for each year, a method which he says controls for other demographic variables. His finding: as of January 1, 2014, $15,734,000,000 in federal revenue has been lost due to abortion.

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