Do You Support This Anti-Sharia Rally?

At the site of the December 2015 terror attack in San Bernardino, California, along with other locations across the state, people gathered to protest against Islam’s sharia law.

The rallies were sponsored by ACT for America, and were held nationwide.

The Los Angeles Times noted that a “diverse group” of over 500 demonstrators came out for the event at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino. The protesters said they were against the spread of sharia law in the US.

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Of course, this is California, there were smaller groups of counter-protesters. Many were from so-called “Antifa” groups.

San Bernardino police said they were able to handle the protest without any major incidents aside from a few scuffles on the Anitfa side.

The San Bernardino protest was organized by Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez and his wife, Jennifer.

Marco, who grew up in Mexico, became a US citizen in 2003, married his high school sweetheart in California, and founded Latinos For Trump in 2016.

Gutierrez told Breitbart News, “We’re here to defend our country, because our way of life is threatened now.

“It’s the totalitarian idea that you’ll do this or else — reminds me of the fight in Mexico between the Catholics and the Masons –so we have some experience with this kind of tyranny.”

Gutierrez added: “The media’s trying to make me decide whether or not my uncle who illegally immigrated to this culture should be deported, or whether my kids should be fed … and I choose that my kids get fed first, and if my uncle didn’t take steps to get his legal status in order, then I’m sorry, you’re going to have to go.”


A similar protest was held at LAX. Once again, anti-sharia protesters outnumbered counter-demonstrators by a huge margin.

Check out the sizes of the crowds.

Here are the protesters:


And here are the counter-protesters who apparently love Islam and hate Trump:


Wow. That’s quite the difference.

The pro-Trump, anti-sharia protestors engaged travelers as they made their way out of the terminal, taking pictures and talking as a large phalanx of LAPD and LA Airport Police stood vigil.

Harim Uzziel, a Jewish Latino, who has been protesting the Antifa left nationwide, told Breitbart News:

“I actually believed Trump was a racist for the first week — yes, until I heard it from his own mouth — what he had to say,” Harim said.  “At first the rumors put me off, but when I heard what he had to say, I jumped on the Trump Train. It was because of him that I became a hardcore American Patriot.”

Tim Donnelly of Breitbart

So, do you support the movement?

Is it encouraging to see how California, the capital state of the liberals, is reacting to Islamic terror attacks?


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