Supreme Court To Hear Challenge Over ObamaCare Contraception Mandate

US Supreme CourtThe Supreme Court has agreed to hear another challenge to President Obama’s health care law — this time on the so-called contraception mandate.

The justices announced Tuesday that they will take up the long-running dispute over whether businesses can use religious objections to avoid a requirement in the law to cover birth control for employees. Despite the 2012 high court ruling that upheld most of the Affordable Care Act, dozens of lawsuits have continued to proceed from companies asking to be spared from having to cover some or all forms of contraception.

The matter has divided the lower courts. The Supreme Court could consider the challenge as early as March.

The court will consider two cases. One involves Hobby Lobby Inc., an Oklahoma City-based arts and crafts chain with 13,000 full-time employees. Hobby Lobby, owned by founder David Green and his family, won in the lower courts.

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