SUPREME COURT JUSTICE: Told Matt Drudge THIS to ‘His Face’

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.31.20 AMSounds like they were personally targeting Drudge.

Matt Drudge is the most trusted voice on the right. And when the editor of the popular Drudge Report speaks, America listens.

But as Matt Drudge just revealed in a recent interview (below), a Supreme Court Justice privately explained to him something shocking! And the news was too important to keep a secret.

Watch as Matt explains:

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“I had a Supreme Court justice tell me to my face it’s over for me. Said, ‘Matt, it’s over for you. They’ve got the votes not to enforce copyright law. You’re out of there. They’re gonna make it so headlines, you can’t even use headlines,’” Drudge said. “To have a Supreme Court justice say that to my face!”

Matt Drudge continued, “You thought Obamacare was shocking? You thought some of these other decisions were shocking? Wait until these copyright laws work their way up and the Supreme Court decides you cannot have a website with news headlines linking across the board. Then that will end for me.”

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