Supreme Court Pick to be Revealed…

This is another great reminder why we should be thankful Hillary Clinton did not make it to the White House. This is by far one of the highly anticipated decisions for Trump’s admin. Who do you think he is going to choose?

President Donald Trump has chosen a replacement for the late Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, and he will announce a name tomorrow night.

‘I have made my decision on who I will nominate for The United States Supreme Court. It will be announced live on Tuesday at 8:00 P.M. (W.H.),’ the president wrote on Twitter.

Trump originally said the announcement would come on Thursday. Word of a possible earlier announcement first came as the White House dealt with fallout from Trump’s partial travel ban on Middle Eastern refugees.

As a candidate, Trump often used surprise announcements to shift attention away from negative media coverage.

Trump told small business leaders gathered at the White House on Monday morningt hat he had made ‘a very big decision on the United States Supreme Court, that is going to be announced tomorrow night from the White House at 8 o’clock.’

The president called his choice ‘a person who is unbelievably highly respected, and I think you will be very impressed with this person.’

The timing of the president’s announcement carries an added benefit for Republicans.

CNN is scheduled to host an hour-long town hall event with Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi at 9:00 p.m. Tuesday, an event that will now be drowned out by reactions to Trump’s choice.

Three federal appeals court judges are said to have emerged as leading candidates: Neil Gorsuch, Thomas Hardiman and William Pryor. The official says the president has also been considering Diane Sykes, one of his early favorites for the high court seat.


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