SUPREME COURT: Reviewing Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Benefit Actions

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.22.47 AMWhat part of ‘illegal’ do our officials not understand. If they’re not supposed to be here, then they should not receive benefits for breaking the law.

The Supreme Court announced Tuesday that it will decide the fate of President Barack Obama’s immigration actions this term.

The actions are aimed at allowing millions of undocumented immigrants to apply for programs that could make them eligible for work authorization and associated benefits.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who has been leading the charge in court against the Obama administration, said that the unilateral actions are unconstitutional and that the administration also violated the Administrative Procedures Act, a law that sets forth how federal agencies can establish regulations.

“The Executive does have enforcement discretion to forbear from removing aliens on an individual basis,” Paxton argued in court papers, but that does not include “the power to deem unlawful conduct as lawful, or to change an alien’s statutory immigration classification.”

Paxton said the programs represent one of the “largest changes in immigration policy in our Nation’s history” and that the state has the standing to bring the case in part because it will bear the burden and cost of issuing additional driver’s licenses.

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