SURF’S UP! Check Out This Awesome Photo of a Seal Hitching a Ride on a Humpback Whale

2C677A2200000578-3237779-Surf_s_up_Photographer_Robyn_Malcolm_captured_this_incredible_sh-a-42_1442460558884The seal is king of the world in this photo.

A photographer has captured the incredible moment a seal was seen surfing on the back of a humpback whale off the NSW south coast.

A pod of whales were in the midst of a feeding frenzy when Robyn Malcolm captured the extremely rare occurrence.

‘On a recent whale watching trip out of Eden, NSW, we experienced dolphins, seals, birds and whales feeding on bait fish.

‘At times there was so much going on, you didn’t know which way to point the camera,’ Ms Malcolm said.

‘The seals and dolphins were going crazy on top of the water, then the whales would lunge straight through the middle.

‘I managed to get some great shots of whales feeding, but was surprised to find these photos in amongst them, as I didn’t see it at the time.

‘I don’t think he stayed there for long!’

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