SURVIVING HELL: Islamic State Sex Slave Captive Reveals the Hell She Went Through [WATCH]

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They took kids as young as ten as sex slaves; dragging them by their hair being forced to endure beatings and rapes.

Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan – In the canvas expanse of the Shariya refugee camp, thousands of Yazidis live within hearing distance of one of Iraqi Kurdistan’s frontlines with ISIS.

The vast majority of the camp’s occupants are from the town of Sinjar and fled the ISIS assault there back in August. But not everyone escaped. ISIS took thousands of Yazidis captive.

Men faced a choice — convert to Islam or be shot. But the Islamist militants separated the young women and girls to be sold as sex slaves.

In its fourth edition of “Dabiq,” the ISIS online magazine, an article titled “The revival of slavery before the hour,” outlines the group’s twisted justification and guidelines for the enslavement of the Yazidis.

“One should remember that enslaving the families of the kuffar (infidels) and taking their women as concubines is a firmly established aspect of Shariah,” the article reads.

We’re told that women who have just given birth or are breastfeeding are considered impure and cannot be taken as sexual slaves — but Hanan, 19, was neither of those things.

“They separated all of us,” she says. “They dragged us away by our hair. They took married women, young ones. The youngest with us was just 10. We were all crying.

“They said we are going to marry you off, you will forget your family.”

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