Susan Rice Is Not Going to Testify About Unmasking Trump Supporters

Fox News is reporting that Susan Rice’s planned testimony in front of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has been postponed.

The former National Security Advisor was scheduled to appear today in a closed session before the committee.

Topic of discussion would have been whether Rice requested the “unmasking” of U.S. citizens who had communicated with foreigners under surveillance, in an improper manner.

Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, a member of the committee, said Friday, “Let’s remember the American people want to get the truth on all these issues … on what Susan Rice may or may not have done.”

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Rice originally told an interviewer at PBS, “I know nothing about this,” when asked about the unmaskings, but has since acknowledged she did, in fact, ask for the names of Trump campaign associates to be revealed. She then refused an invitation to testify before the Senate committee looking into the scandal because the request was not bipartisan.

“Unmasking” is when somebody in the intelligence community asks that a previously redacted name of an American citizen who was incidentally overheard by a U.S. intelligence agency while talking to a foreigner. Unmasking is a common practice for national security officials in Susan Rice’s position.

Daily Caller

Of course, this should come as no surprise.

We saw this coming after her interview on an MSNBC show hosted by Andrea Mitchell, Susan Rice was asked if she would go up and testify before Congress if she had any part in the unmasking of the identities of Trump’s team.

That’s when things got really interesting for the viewers and totally awkward for Rice.

Susan seemed stunned that someone on MSNBC would actually ask her such a question (to be honest we kind of are too), stammering over her words until she finally stopped talking gibberish and switched the subject to RUSSIA.

Rice will probably never take the stand to testify.

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