Swedish Prime Minister Takes a Swing at Trump, ‘What Has He Been Smoking?’

There was no major terror attack in Sweden, but crime has been going up and up there. So Trump was correct when he said the country is having problems. Maybe something happened that night that was small. The media hasn’t covered much of what’s happened over there. Almost nothing to be exact.

So this Prime Minister should stop checking up on others and focus on his own country. It’s not doing too well.

Former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt took to Twitter early Sunday to mock President Donald Trump after Trump used a terror attack in Sweden that never happened to defend his controversial executive order on immigration and refugees.

Linking to Huffington Post story about Trump’s comments, Bildt said, “Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking?”

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“Questions abound,” he added.

Bildt served as prime minister of Sweden from 1991-1994. He was also the country’s minister of foreign affairs from 2006-2014.

Here is Trump’s speech that Bildt is referring to:

But Trump just isn’t making up stories. Check out the segment.



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