SWEET REVENGE: Iraqi Woman Just Killed a Senior ISIS Commander After he…

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.08.19 AMI hope all the women fallen victim to these pigs are able to execute such revenge.

An Iraqi woman killed a senior commander of the Islamic State group for having forced her into sex slavery. The incident took place Saturday in the Tal Roman district, west of Mosul.

The commander was known as Abu Anas, who had forced the woman to get married to a number of men under his command. Kurdistan Democratic Party spokesman Saeed Mamouzini told al-Sumaria TV that the woman killed the commander three months after she had been forced to sex slavery.

According to Russia Today, some believe that the woman belongs to the Yazidi-Kurdish minority. It is unclear how the woman killed the commander and what happened to her after committing the murder.

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According to reports, ISIS militants executed 19 women in July and 15 women in August after they had refused to get married to the militants. According to The Mirror 5,270 Yazidis, a religious minority in Iraq and Syria, had been abducted in 2014. ISIS still has more than 3,000 hostages, according to community figures.

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