Syrians React to Trump’s Bombing of Airbase… LOVE What the President Did

After President Trump launched over 50 tomahawk missiles at the Syrian airbase that fired a chemical attack, with illegal weapons, against their own people the US seemed to be divided in the President’s decision.

However, some people that weren’t divided on how they felt about the bombings were the Syrians. They had one message for our president and that was: THANK YOU!

Author of ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror, Michael Weissshared responses from Syrians on his Twitter timeline, some of whom he said he’s used as sources in the past:

Captioning the tweet below, Weiss wrote, “Kassem, a friend and source for years, was gassed with sarin in 2013, only to live under a regime terror-famine thereafter.”

Weiss posted more responses from Syrians. He claims this is the overall ‘common response’ to Trump’s attack on Assad:

Other reporters and their sources seem to be backing up Weiss’s claims…


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