Tactless Verbiage From a Pro-Abortion Troll

trollYesterday I posted an article on GirlsJustWannaHaveGuns.com titled “Going Forward: Texas Moves On With It’s Ban On Abortion“.

The article is a simple news report on the Texas House passing a bill that would make it illegal for women to have an abortion after 20 weeks.

The article also states how the bill most likely won’t pass the senate.

I did not share my opinion on this piece.

It was a simple news report, but clearly struck a nerve with this foul-mouthed internet troll on my GJWHG Facebook page.

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The first message I received was a private message to the page and it read:

“What a stupid a** c*nt you are. F***ing hypocrite. Go f*ck yourself you useless piece of sh*t. Hope that’s clear enough for your dumb fascist a**.”

My initial reaction was, did you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Then I searched the page to find out what had upset dearest Cruella, when I landed on the post “Going Forward: Texas Moves On With It’s Ban On Abortion” and started reading the comments.

I stumbled upon Candace Lopez’s (yes, the troll has a name) next comment:

“What a bunch of idiot religious fanatics. How sad. This page is run by a hypocrite. Fight for all civil rights or shut the f*ck up dumb b****.”

She goes on to say I “hide behind daddy” (this coming from a person who has no photos of themselves on their FB page), I’m a “homophobic idiot” who belongs in “Guantanamo” because I’m a “religious fanatic”.


Miss Lopez also thanked me for making her comments public on the page, so her friends could enjoy it.

Finally, she ends her rant with “I’m finished with you now piss off.”

Well Candace, you don’t get to decide when this ends.

I am publishing this on the website so all of our friends can enjoy this.  I have nothing further to say to you. What I said in rebuttal to your hate-speech, as our society likes to call it now, is all I have to say.

However, I have plenty of friends whom I’m sure would like to contribute their two-cents to this comment strand.

Friends: feel free to post your comments on the page and also send Candace Lopez a message.

I do ask, if you are to partake in commentary, for you to be tactful, unlike this troll.



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