Take A Load Off: Man Has 114 lb Testicles Removed…Considered Selling on Ebay

Wesley-Warren-JrA Las Vegas man, Wesley Warren, 49, has undergone a 13-hour procedure to remove his 114 lb testicles after they became swollen after a bizarre incident by which he squashed them while sleeping.

Warren was diagnosed with scrotal lymphedema and was told an operation to fix matters down south would cost thousands of dollars. He told reporters that he couldn’t afford the surgery and considered selling his giant testicles on Ebay to pay the bill.

He told a reporter:  “I wanted it bagged and taken home with me.”

Warren could not have sex and was in chronic pain resulting from carrying around his own testicles which weighed more than a “baby hippo.”

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The surgery was eventually performed without charge by Dr. Joel Gelman.



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