TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK: Because the Politician Will Abuse EVERY Privilege to Strip You of Your Guns

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We have to fight for our freedoms. They can be taken in the blink of an eye if we don’t.

By Rob Morse

It has long been recognized that the power to tax a business gives the government the power to destroy that business.  What we see today is that the power to regulate a business is also the power to control it.. and its customers.  President Barack Obama said he would “fundamentally transform” the United States.  Politicians have crushed free speech and private property.  Let me show you how the citizen shrinks as the state regulates us more each day.  We lost more of our ability to speak and associate with others last week.

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Facebook recently closed many of the groups used by gun owners.  A few of the groups were commercial, but most were the equivalent of a car club.  They were a group of gun owners who had the same model firearm or competed in the same type of events.  How could it be that hate from muslims is allowed on Facebook but not your page about a training rifle?

I don’t blame Mark Zuckerberg who has controlling interest in Facebook.  No matter how much Mark Z. dislikes gun owners, he would have a tough time convincing his board of directors that alienating a third of US adults was a good idea.  It is bad for business.  There are reasons other than personal bigotry that explain why gun pages were shut down.

Facebook is heavily regulated by the Obama Administration.  There are many government agencies that can impose huge fines on Facebook.  It is sad, but regulators can fine Facebook out of existence any day they want.  That isn’t because the company has harmed anyone.  It is because our laws are contradictory, and the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, the Bureau of Consumer Affairs and the Federal Communications Commission can bury any business in unpayable penalties.  That means Facebook only survives because the Obama Administration lets them stay in business.  The same is true of the other online companies like Google, Yahoo, Pinterest, Twitter and Dropbox

We would call it extortion if a private citizen acted like the Obama Administration.  Instead, the Democrat media calls it “social activism” when a black Democrat President threatens a company.  That is why, if the government wants Facebook to stop the discussion of guns, then those groups are banned.

Sure we have freedom of speech.. as long as we say what the government wants us to say.

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