TAKING ACTION: US Sends Syria Anti-ISIS Forces Armoured Cars

Trump said he wanted to take down ISIS. He hasn’t been in office for very long but he is keeping to his promises. This is likely to be only the first step in his efforts.

A coalition fighting the Islamic State group in Syria has received US armoured vehicles for the first time and a promise of new American support, a coalition spokesman said Tuesday.

“American armoured vehicles have arrived for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) for the first time. This happened after the new US administration came to power,” spokesman Talal Sello told AFP.

He said the decision to supply the vehicles was taken by President Donald Trump’s administration, rather than in a simple continuation of US support under former president Barack Obama.

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“Before we used to receive light weapons, ammunition… with these armoured vehicles we’ve entered a new phase in the (US) support. It’s a sign,” Sello added.

“We have had meetings with representatives of the new administration, and they promised us extra support.”

The SDF has long been a key partner of the US-led coalition fighting IS in Syria and Iraq.


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