Tattered & Torn: A Tribute To Our Heroes

Screenshot 2014-06-13 at 11.36.04 PMI cry for America as she is today

When all her glory, power

have been swept away

by one in power with “Magic Pen” and cell phone he calls his minions,

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and they all follow him.


I weep for America.

Our country, once brave and strong,

has fallen into weakness,

from “leadership” so wrong.

When once she was respected, thought of as a Light,

a “bright, shining beacon”

on a hill that was steeped in night.


My heart yearns for America as once I knew her well.

As she drew the people to her,

with pride people’s hearts did swell.

As this dictator has destroyed her

with each passing day

with his “Magic Pen” and cell phone with our futures he does play.


Although I see her glory within her people’s will

I see our country falter beneath the tyrant’s swill.


The world was once a safer place whilst America’s light still gleamed.

But now there are wars, and rumors of wars,

Our honor goes unredeemed.


We sent you off to fight a battle now raging anew.

And if our enemies have their way,

another attack is coming, too.

The dictator has negated your lives, has tossed aside your loss.

He’s unrepentant in disregard, obey him, he’s the boss!


We are left to pick up the pieces of our country’s glory.

To try to tell the beloved tale, the tale of our country’s story.

Of Founding Fathers who sacrificed — without golf, or vacations many —

and who faced the price of honor, life and taxes aplenty!


Now look around, and kiss the ground, for the America in which you’re born.

But don’t just stand and let another’s hand make her tattered, torn.


Let us act as though we care for what happens to this land.

And let us raise our voices strong and together band.

Join those who — like me, like you — believe that America is GREAT.

And with our “Thanks!” we’ll retake her banks before it’s much too late.


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