TAX RETURNS ‘NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS’: Trump Hits Pro-Hillary Journalist Right Where it Hurts After Being Probed About Taxes

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.30.00 AMGeorge Stephanopoulos, aka Hillary’s main man, kept probing Donald Trump about his tax returns, finally Donald had enough and started hitting back. Check it out.

By Jeff Poor

Friday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump fielded questions from co-host George Stephanopoulos about his releasing his tax returns to the public.

During that interview, Stephanopoulos insisted Trump could release those taxes, despite being audited by the Internal Revenue Service. Trump argued there was a double standard when it came to his tax returns and Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s emails.

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However, as Stephanopoulos continued to press Trump on the issue, Trump fired back by pointing out Stephanopoulos’ prior relationship with the Bill and Hillary Clinton and noted it was something he didn’t reveal.

Partial transcript as follows:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let’s talk about your tax return. Under new pressure from the Clinton campaign, Secretary Clinton talking about that the last couple of days. I just have a bottom line question for you. Yes or no, do you believe voters have a right to see your tax returns before they make a final decision?

TRUMP: I don’t think they do. But I do say this, I will really gladly give them — not going to learn anything but it’s under routine audit. When the audit ends I’ll present them. That should be before the election. I hope it’s before the election. But when the audit ends I’ve had even journalists say that, no, nobody should give until audits are over and have had journalists say that. So I think if there’s no — I sort of have to laugh when Clinton says it, Mrs. Clinton said I should give my tax what about all the emails or missing Goldman Sachs speeches. When is she going to give that? Very great hypocrite but as far as I’m concerned I want to give it as soon as possible, as soon as the audit every year — I have wealthy friends that never get audited.

STEPHANOPOULOS: As you know the audit is no excuse. The IRS has made it very clear an audit is not a bar to public release. It is entirely your choice. President Nixon released his tax returns even though he was under audit. And when you were seeking a casino license in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, you released the returns to the state officials even though you were under audit.

TRUMP: I am under audit now and as soon as the audit ends I’ll release my returns. If you look at many others, many others feel the same way and almost every lawyer will tell you the same thing –when you’re under audit you finish the audit before you release. I have no problem and it should be and I hope it’s before the election.

STEPHANOPOULOS:  But sir, if you were willing –

TRUMP: By the way, people will learn nothing. I put in financials 100 pages worth of financials that show that I built a company that’s worth more than $10 billion. It shows cash. It shows cash flows. Returns but nevertheless, when the audit is complete, i will release. I have no problem with it.


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