TEACHER BRAINWASHES KIDS: Forces Them to Write Fan Mail to this Terrorist Organization

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 8.10.52 AMThis is disturbing.

A RADICAL teacher has “brainwashed” primary kids into writing letters to jihadis in Syria.

The notes, scrawled in childish writing, are decorated with drawings and handprints in red paint.

The letters, addressed to fighters in the IS-hit nation by name, are thought to have been written at an after-school class.

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They call terrorists “heroes” and “diamonds among stones”, and innocently vow support for acts of barbarity.

The teacher at an unnamed British school — who uses the Twitter handle @irhabiyya_18, meaning “terrorist_18” — tweeted their work to followers.

She wrote: “lil kids put their heads together to ‘post’ letters to the muhajideen”.

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Click next to see the letters these kids wrote to Syrian jihadis.


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