Teacher Sacked for Being Pro-Life

article-2525633-1A2BE4EE00000578-234_634x484A high school teacher from Portland says he was fired because of his religious beliefs and pro-life views.

Math teacher Bill Diss had been out of the classroom since March after he was put on paid administrative leave after a teaching career spanning 11 years.

He has now been formally fired by Portland Public Schools but believes his termination was a long time coming after making his anti-abortionist views known.

On the day he was told to leave the school in March of this year, Mr Diss was apparently given just a few minutes to collect his things and was escorted from school premises by police,

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He described himself as a teacher with great reviews before 2007, but he told KATU things took a dramatic shift after the Planned Parenthood protest.

Mr Diss publicly opposed the construction of a new Planned Parenthood headquarters building in the northeast of the city.

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