Teamsters King Hoffa: Tries Squashing His Own Employees’ Union… Ironic

hoffaInternational Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) general president Jimmy Hoffa Jr. is suspected by his members of trying to squash a union comprised of some of his own Teamsters organizers.

Hoffa’s battle with his own organizers’ union overlaps with a host of other problems for the prominent labor leader, including a pension crisis that is undercutting his support and a potential UPS strike that he might not be able to afford, according to insiders.

Hoffa still has not granted a contract to the Federation of Agents and International Representatives (FAIR), a union that represents Teamsters organizers. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) allowed FAIR to represent some Teamsters organizers last year in their negotiations with Hoffa, after organizers voted 18-16 to unionize in a Teamsters election.

The Hoffa administration’s battle with FAIR has been divisive, according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller. Teamsters officials openly threatened their own organizers to discourage them from joining FAIR, leading to accusations that the Teamsters were union-busting their own employees’ union.

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