Ted Nugent: ‘Abortion, Not Guns, Is Eliminating Inner-City Population’

nugTed Nugent is mercifully un-infected by the self-censorship plague that is political correctness.

Instead, he fully exercises his First Amendment right to speak his mind – and when it comes to schools, inner cities, guns, and abortion, Nugent lets ‘em fly.

Nugent recently had some choice words about all of those topics in an article he wrote for World Net Daily, a major conservative internet outlet.

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To Nugent, the root cause for the ills that plague American society isn’t a failure in government funding or latent racism or guns or the lack of available birth control — the familiar “root causes” we hear about constantly from the American Left.

Instead, Nugent blames the American public school system or, as he calls it “our social engineering indoctrination camps,” all of which are staffed by members of the National Education Association, which is the largest single contributor to the Democrat Party.

Because these hard-core Leftists are in charge of our children, it is they who lead the attack on guns.

In their worldview, the GOP is “operating a sinister covert plan to funnel guns into inner cities,” all as a way of encouraging young men to kill …



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