TED NUGENT: Calls Obama a PUNK@** & the WORST Enemy to a Black Man–Do You Agree?

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 1.55.28 PMWe can always count on Ted to speak his mind. Is he right on point or out of his mind? Check this out.

“Obama is the black man’s & America’s worst enemy. He is no leader. He is still a punkass commie muslim scamming community organzier out to fundementally transform ie-DESTROY America. Thanks for nothing you son of a bitch.”

There so much hope that we would finally heal what was left of the racial divide that exists in this country when Barack Obama was elected president of the United States. That’s why many threw caution to the wind and voted for a poorly qualified man with Marxist tendencies to lead us. That’s why so many were willing to stick with him for another four years. Surely, he would finally come through … but he hasn’t.

His speech Tuesday in Dallas was, without a doubt, one of his best. However, after extolling the virtues of the Dallas police and the fallen, he simply couldn’t resist the temptation to legitimize those who feel the police are out to get them, as he has done many times before.

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Over the last year, we watched as Obama gave Black Lives Matter, the group that is largely responsible for stirring the racial caldron and ginning up hatred against police, credibility. He even invited one of its leaders to the White House.

What Obama should have said early on in the case of these highly publicized deaths of black men at the hands of police is: “Let’s wait until all the facts are in before we pronounce judgment on these police officers. If we are willing to pronounce guilt prematurely, simply because these officers are white, that is racism of the worst sort. All decent individuals should reject such a thing.” Taking a verse from the Bible, as the president is prone to do when he is between a rock and a hard place, “Do not judge, lest you be judged.”

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