Ted Nugent – Five Reasons Why He Always Wins

nugeIn the past four years I’ve done hundreds of interviews. I enjoy the friendly ones. They’re always easy, because I’m preaching to the choir, in most cases with a fellow patriot who knows which end of the barrel the round comes out.

On the other hand, I deplore debating gun-grabbing liberals. They make me so mad I want to reach over and strangle them with their own forked tongues. (Now that’s a slippery proposition.)

But I’m afraid debating liberals is a necessary evil these days, especially when so much is at stake. So, in an attempt to better my game, I went to the one man who absolutely enjoys, relishes and anticipates making mincemeat from liberal, gun-grabbing interviewers.

That’s right. I called Ted Nugent.

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My question to Ted was simple and straightforward.

“When you debate, I’ve noticed you never lose. Any bits of advice you can give to people who want to get better at taking on liberals?”

And then Ted Nugent took me to school. Here’s what I learned.

Ted’s advice: “I’m sure you’ve studied the definitive slaughter of the anti’s on my destruction of them every time on YouTube, etc, but one must have lived and studied the gun world forever to calmly and factually gut their lies. Recommend anyone who wishes to do so to study any of my examples. Be prepared with the unlimited history of facts, stats and evidence. Know all the examples that crush their lies and support our truth. Remain calm and in control never escalating any more than necessary to be drowned out, but never getting hyper. Let the other side speak, then annihilate their bulls**t.”

Okay, so let’s break that down.

Lesson #1- Take no prisoners

“The definitive slaughter of the anti’s”.
When Ted Nugent is being interviewed by an anti-gunner, he doesn’t take prisoners. It reminds me of his 2010 touring season slogan a few years ago “Trample the Weak – Hurdle the Dead”. It’s quite entertaining to watch Ted Nugent destroy his debate opponent, because, in reality, they just don’t get it. To the liberal, he’s in a debate. But to Ted Nugent, this isn’t a debate – this is a cage match, and only one man walks out alive!

Lesson #2 – Know guns and know the facts, calmly and factually gut their lies.”

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