TED NUGENT: How Do You Stop ISIS? Kill Them

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Preach it.

One must possess a very adventurous and animated imagination in this Obama era in order to survive the level of insanity unleashed upon us on a daily basis. Nothing makes sense, and worse, every move by our elected employees tests the soul of every thinking, caring, knowing American.

Maybe it’s the fact that Mr. Obama and his team of Keystone Cops foreign policy advisers are totally clueless. Maybe it’s because Mr. Obama actually believes the Islamic State is the JV team. Maybe Saul Alinsky lives in their stinking, crazy parallel universe.

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Maybe they’re just bad people.

Whatever the inexplicable, illogical reason, Obama’s refusal to label the Islamic State as Islamic terrorists when their very own voodoo organization has the name Islam in it, and his truly bizzarro statements about addressing the voodoo terrorists “grievances” and providing them jobs tells me our president’s foreign policy is floating somewhere over the Muslim rainbow.

It’s foreign policy that typically sinks presidents and Obama, for whatever mind-boggling reason, is doing all he can steer to his foreign policy ship directly into that big, obvious, suicidal iceberg.

Our allies are surely as dumbfounded as we the people, and our adversaries, including the Islamic State, Iran, and the Russian Bear view Obama and America as a paper tiger. On Obama’s watch, America’s stature on the world stage is at an all-time low.

From chopping the heads off Christians to burning people alive, the cancerous Islamic State voodoo Muslim monsters are taking more territory, cutting the heads off more Christians while burning others alive, and quite possibly pushing the world toward a massive shootout in the Middle East.

While I give Obama props for dropping bombs on the blood thirsty Muslim voodoo gangs, bombing them isn’t going to kill them all. And that’s exactly what we need to do: kill them all.

Meanwhile, some ditzy State Department official said it’s impossible to kill them all, that the ultimate solution is to get them jobs. That’s like saying the solution to drunk drivers isn’t to permanently remove them from our roads but rather to give them a couple of quarts of whiskey and the keys to a Buick.

I know our warriors, the best killing-machine warriors the world has ever known, and with the right leadership and political will, unburdened by politically correct, suicidal rules of engagement, I’m convinced our warriors can indeed kill them all or at least so many of them that they wouldn’t be able to field enough Muslim voodoo devils to play a basketball game. That simple statement should literally be our country’s military Islamic State policy.

“Don’t tread on me” ring any bells?

What’s most disturbing about Obama’s rookie grievance statement regarding Muslim voodoo devils is that he and his so-called foreign policy experts clearly don’t have a clue about the end-game of the Islamic State voodoo devils.

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