Ted Nugent’s Say On London Terror Attack Is Pretty D*MN PERFECT! (2A SUPPORTERS MUST WATCH!)

We all know the importance of carrying a gun.

In the latest London attack, the terrorists caused chaos for eight minutes.

That’s how long it takes for lives to change forever. That’s how long it takes for lives to be lost forever.

Just imagine if someone was armed. If someone hadn’t ran; if someone had the ability to fight back.

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Can you even imagine the number of lives that would have saved?

Our favorite bad@ss rocker couldn’t have put it better.

If you believe in the Second Amendment, in the right to protect your own life, you need to see this video.

It needs to be spread to every corner of the globe. We need to tell everyone it’s time to stop running, to stop hiding. It’s time we defend ourselves.

If ISIS wants to harm us, they have to get past the wall of bullets headed their way!


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