TEEN HERO: Who Saved Schoolmate from Asthma Attack is SUSPENDED

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 8.55.14 AMIt’s like our country wants people to do nothing in the face of adversity or emergency. This kid did the right thing, no matter the consequence and we applaud him for that.

A middle school student was suspended for helping a fellow student who had collapsed from a severe asthma attack.

Anthony Ruelas, 15, was suspended from Gateway Middle School in Killeen, Texas, after he picked up a student who had collapsed with an asthma attack and carried her to the school nurse.

‘I broke rules but, she need help, like, she needed help,’ Ruelas told KCEN.

Ruelas was sitting in class on Tuesday morning when another student began gasping, wheezing and gagging for at least three minutes.

The teacher emailed the school nurse and then asked the class to sit and remain calm.

However, Ruelas says several minutes passed without anyone helping the girl.

Eventually, she fell out of her chair onto the floor.

That’s when Ruelas decided to jump into action.

Ignoring the teacher’s instructions, he said ‘‘F**k that, we ain’t got time to wait for no email from the nurse,’ and went over and picked up the gasping student. He then carried her to the nurse’s office.

Despite the fact that Ruelas may have saved the girl’s life, he was suspended for two days for breaking the rules.

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