Teen Thugs Take Out Taco-Bell Manager: Two Teens Beat Manager with Tire Iron and Shoot Her to Death for Some Quick Cash

Screenshot 2014-03-12 at 9.08.54 AMTwo Taco Bell employees – both 19 – have been charged with allegedly beating and shooting their night manager as part of a robbery outside the Alabama restaurant where they worked.

Rendauldous Chisholm and Kenneth Temple, from Montgomery, used a car jack to beat Vettia Rochem, 43, before shooting her multiple times, according to their arrest warrants.

The incident occurred at the Taco Bell restaurant outside the Atlanta Highway restaurant on Monday.

Rochem’s body was found at about 7.30am behind the establishment, according to AL.com.

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Temple and Chisholm were arrested later in the day.

They were charged with capital murder.

The two are being held in the Montgomery County Detention Facility without bond.

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