TEL AVIV TERROR: Witnesses ‘Shooter Was Yelling About ALLAH and…’

Four are dead and many more injured. When you are neighbors with terrorist nations this is an unfortunate common occurrence.

Witnesses have spoken of the horrifying moment when two gunmen disguised as ultra-Orthodox Jews burst into a busy restaurant in Tel Aviv, killing four Israelis and injuring nine people.

A British-born paramedic described how there was ‘blood and other awful things’ all over the restaurant where minutes earlier families and friends had dined.

The four victims have been identified as Ido Ben Ari, 42, Ilana Naveh, 39, Dr Michael Feige, 58, and Mila Mishayev, 32, police said Thursday.

The shooting, carried out by two West Bank Palestinians, targeted a crowded tourist and restaurant district in the heart of Tel Aviv, located across the street from the Israeli military’s headquarters.

‘The restaurant looked like a hurricane went through it — there was blood, there were broken chairs and other awful things,’ paramedic Avi Marcus told MailOnline.

Mr Marcus added that a colleague had told him that one of the gunmen ‘was yelling about Allah’ as he was arrested,

‘The sounds were of people running to find shelter, running around with all types of stress symptoms, civilians were looking for the deceased.’

Arele Klein, a 45-year-old caterer and volunteer paramedic, had just finished a meeting nearby when he heard about the incident.

‘I received the call and I was one street away so I ran to the restaurant and got there so quickly that I heard the shots, several shots — there was still shooting.

‘As I ran to see where the shots, and as i did so I found a woman of around 40 on the floor with no heartbeat. I tried to resuscitate her, and we gave her electric shock. She is now in hospital in a very serious condition.

‘I continued 100 metres to the restaurant, where there was a man in a serious condition, with no heartbeat.

There were several bullets still inside him, and we tried several life-saving procedures. quickly after he arrived in hospital he was declared dead.’

This man was later identified as Mr Ben Ari. When Klein went inside the restaurant he saw a 12-year-old boy who turned our to be Ben Ari’s son.

‘He was crying because he saw his father with blood.’ He did not yet know that his father was dead.

‘Before the attack they had been sitting there — the father and his wife, and a son and daughter, sitting together having fun.’

Klein is an experienced paramedic with the Zaka organisation who has worked on many terror scenes, but said that this time he can’t get the scene out of his head.

‘To see the blood mixed together with the food and the coffee is very difficult — the picture gets in to your head and it doesn’t leave.’

Three of the murdered Israelis had children, and one was an award-winning university professor specialising in the state of Israel.

Married mother-of-four Ilana Naveh had been celebrating a friend’s birthday when she was shot in the chest by one of the terrorists.

Mr Ben Ari, whose wife was injured in the shooting, was an former IDF elite soldier who worked as an executive at Coca-Cola’s Israeli headquarters, and the father of two children.

Dr. Feige had won proses for a book about Jewish fundamentalism and headed the Israel Studies program at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Witness Meital Sassi told Channel 10 TV she was out with her family celebrating her son’s birthday when she heard shots and ‘immediately understood it was a terror attack’.

‘We ran like lightning with the baby and the stroller … I yelled at people who didn’t understand what was happening to run,’ she said.

The parents of one of the nine injured have told of how their son miraculously survived getting shot in the head twice,

Asaf Bar was sat with his girlfriend at the busy Max Brenner cafe when the terrorists attacked and shot him in the head.

Amazingly, Mr Bar managed to stay concious throughout the ordeal and was rushed to hospital with his girlfriend, who escaped unharmed.

‘He spoke to us now, he can move all his body parts. One bullet remains in his head and the other was removed,’ his father told Jerusalem Post.

‘He saw the two terrorists and they were laughing. In photographs[you can see] them aiming a gun half-a-metre away from him.’


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