Telegraph’s US Editor makes basic mistake on gun debate

mistakeThe Telegraph’s US editor Peter Foster wrote yesterday for the outlet, bemoaning the state of the US gun debate, complaining that it is “no longer anchored in reality”.

Commenting on the day’s Senate Judiciary hearing, Foster leapt upon the following remark from NRA member Dave Kopel:

Great Britain shows the perils of mass confiscation that some people have proposed. It has a higher violent crime rate than the United States and especially high rate of home invasion burglaries.

To which Foster’s reply was:

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Is it necessary to spell out how absurd that claim is? The United States has 10.2 gun deaths per 100,000 people, the UK has 0.25. That means the US has 40 times more deaths per head than the UK. The “perils of mass confiscation” are clearly demonstrated.

Oh dear; the Telegraph’s US correspondent seems incapable of taking on board what professor Kopel actually said. Forgive me for spelling it out, but it appears someone has to. Professor Kopel specifically said “violent crime” and “home invasion burglaries”, not gun crime or gun murders.

Professor Kopel is therefore, in this respect, absolutely right. The UK has the second highest overall crime rate in the..



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