Tennessee Restaurant Owner Welcomes Guns, Business Increases

maryvilleEditor’s Note: It’s good to see some business owners do everything they can to keep their establishment safe. Who’s going to rob a place that asks customers to carry? It only takes one person to be a hero.

Over the past year here at Bearing Arms we’ve noted a number of stories where local businesses have taken a lot of grief from their customers for posting signing banning the carry of firearms in their establishments, such as a pub in South Carolina.

Obviously, posting stores against carrying guns has had a negative impact in these instances. But what happens when you post a pro-gun sign?

A restaurant in east Tennessee posted the following sign, and their business went up.

Gun control is a hot topic across the country, and one East Tennessee restaurant owner is making her opinion very clear by posting a ‘Guns are Welcome’ sign on the front door of her family-friendly establishment.

“As the owner, I wanted to stand my ground. I have that constitutional right. If you like it, that’s great, if you don’t, I’m sorry for you. I can’t change who I am,” said Sharma Floyd, with Shiloh Brew and Chew.

Floyd said she posted the signs about a month ago after reading a story out of North Carolina.

“They had put up a sign that said ‘No Weapons Allowed’ and they were robbed at gunpoint two days later. The convenience store manager was shot,” said Floyd. “And that got me thinking. I lost a whole group of motorcyclists because they thought I didn’t allow weapons. But I believe it’s ok to carry as long as you have a permit.”

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