Terrified Gun-Controller: Intolerant California Lady Calls Cops on Gun Dealer Because It ‘Terrified’ Her

By David West

GJWHG Guest Contributor

Here in Southern Oregon, it’s not at all uncommon to meet “refugees” from California: people who have fled our southern neighbor’s ever-accelerating march towards insanity in favor of the (relative) freedom afforded them by Oregon’s rugged mountains and scenic forests. It’s not just our lack of sale tax that attracts them, though. Many are drawn to Oregon’s significantly less restrictive gun laws. Here in Oregon you can own anything that isn’t federally prohibited, private sales are legal without going through an FFL, concealed handgun licenses are “shall issue,” and anyone over 18 who isn’t otherwise prohibited from owning a firearm can openly carry a loaded gun most places.

Last week, I attended a city council meeting in Ashland, OR (which is a college town, and the one significant bastion of liberalism in Southern Oregon) where a proposed city ordinance that would restrict anyone without a valid Oregon Concealed Handgun License from carrying a loaded handgun was being debated. There, I was reminded that there is another kind of Californian immigrant that often makes their way up here: liberals who want to ruin Oregon for the rest of us by turning it into California v2.0. The woman in the video above is a pitch-perfect example not only of a this sort of destructive California transplant, but of a fear often referred to in the gun community as “hoplophobia.”

In 1962, legendary defensive shooting expert Jeff Cooper coined the term “hoplophobe”—based on the greek term for weapon, “hoplon”—to describe those who are afflicted with an, “unreasoning terror of gadgetry, specifically, firearms.” Judging by this woman’s quavering, verge-of-tears voice and the actions that she describes herself taking against a gun owner in this story, I think it’s safe to hold her up as a textbook example of a hoplophobe.

It’s bad enough that she thinks she can more to a region that she clearly doesn’t understand very well and expect everyone to kowtow to her fear of firearms, but when you consider what must have gone down for the story she described to happen, you start to realize that she’s not just an intolerant idiot, but a truly awful human being. She must have met a guy on an airplane, struck up a conversation with him, and somewhere along the way learned that he assembles and sells “machine guns” (whether he was an actual Class 3 dealer or just a hobbyist assembling semi-automatic AR-15s is a good question).

Presumably, the conversation must have gone in a friendly direction for him to share his hobby/profession with her in this manner. So, basically, it appears that this lady reported a guy that she had a friendly conversation with to the police with zero evidence of wrongdoing simply because she is terrified of guns.

Knowing the city of Ashland and how the nanny-statist liberals who run it like to view themselves, it’s likely that this woman considers herself an extremely progressive and tolerant person. The ironic reality, though, is that she is an intolerant hoplophobe who wants to see the violent force of the state brought down upon good, decent people simply because of her asinine and illogical fears. She is neither “anti-gun” nor “anti-violence,” as what she wants necessitates a state that is both heavily armed and aggressively violent.

The perfect picture of this deeply hypocritical hoplophobic mindset was painted for us after the meeting had ended by Ashland city councilwoman Carol Voison (herself a relatively recent California transplant). As several of us open-carriers who had attended the meeting to oppose the ordinance stood outside having a friendly conversation amongst ourselves, councilwoman Voison emerged from the building. She wouldn’t look at us or address us, and in fact seemed downright scared of the friendly, law abiding citizens openly bearing guns in front of her. She briskly walked past us, but she was not alone… She had an armed police officer escorting her to her car.

DavidWestDavid Kirk West is an aspiring filmmaker and libertarian gun-rights activist who hails from the rugged mountains of Southern Oregon—or, as he likes to call it, “The State of Jefferson.” He is a writer, director, cinematographer, and editor, as well as an “every day, no days off,” defensive firearm carrier who hopes to someday take his anti-government, pro-liberty films to Hollywood. You can watch his films and follow his work at: https://www.facebook.com/BuckTheSystem


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