TERRIFYING: Family Trapped in Their Vehicle as LIONS Fight Over Carcass Under the WHEEL

This is enough to make even the toughest among us scream. Thankfully, everyone came out of this okay…well, except the antelope.


A family’s film of a pride of lions feasting on their kill turned to terror when the beasts dragged the animal’s carcass under their car.

Jade van Holdt and her family witnessed the lions chase down and kill an impala in the Kruger National Park before ten of them settled down for a feast.

But a fight broke out between two lionesses and the remains of the bloodied antelope were dragged towards the family during a tug-of-war.

Loud shrieks can be heard on the video as the younger lions chase after the carcass as the pride reformed and continued the frenzy.

Amidst a tangle of claws and bloodied jaws the van Holdt’s realise the impala’s body is trapped under their car while the lions feed on it.


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