TERRIFYING TRUTH: German Woman Describes EXACTLY What Muslim Migrants are Doing in Her Town [WATCH]

If your friends aren’t convinced the migrants are an issue for Germany, send them this video. Should scare them straight.

German woman, visibly shaken, tells how she was followed by an asylum seeker, who she believes wanted to rob her or worse. And she had originally moved to the small community for a quiet safe place to raise her child…She had been out in broad daylight 12:30pm with her child when a man she was sure was an asylum seeker began to act strangely…hiding behind a bush, then following her…she turned around to directly confront him: “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” She demanded…He laughed and went away…but she is now scared to walk on the streets. She mentions that she is a tolerant person and feels sympathy for the families and children of the refugees, but she can no longer close her eyes to what is going on. She thinks that there are certainly other people who feel the same way, and makes a plea to Chancellor Merkel that this must end. Germany has taken on enough refugees. She mentions another incident where she and her child wanted to enter a playground area but there were 5 asylum seekers congregated there…she could not trust herself to go past them with her child. The woman says she can no longer keep quiet about what is going on in Germany. It must come to an end!

H/T: Clash Daily


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