TERROR TERMINATED: Tunisian Museum Siege is Declared Over, Two Terrorists Dead

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Tunisian armed forces didn’t waste time saving the hostages from the museum. The nation has declared it an Islamist attack and has claimed 17 lives.

Tunisia’s prime minister says 19 people have been killed during a security operation at a museum in the capital after a deadly hostage siege.

The attackers killed at least 17 foreign tourists at the Bardo National Museum in central Tunis during Wednesday’s assault before they were killed, Habib Essid said after the crisis was over.

He said his government was working to find out the identity of the two attackers.

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Earlier, an Interior Ministry spokesperson said that all hostages were freed and the security operation was over.

Polish and Italian tourists were among the 22 people wounded, officials said.

Television footage showed dozens of people, including elderly foreigners and one man carrying a child, running for shelter in the compound next to the parliament, covered by security forces aiming rifles into the air.

The building near the museum was evacuated soon after the attack.

“This is cowardly act to undermine our economy and a vital sector [tourism] contributing to it,” Essid said.

“It is long battle to fight. We need all Tunisians to stand up against this act.”

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