Terrorists Amongst US: If There Was Ever a Reason to Shutdown the Border, Rick Perry Just Gave it to Us

rick_perry6_091610_mertenTake the rose colored glasses off America and look reality in the eyes. Check out why our open border needs to be closed…

According to Breitbart, Texas Governor Rick Perry says that there is a “very real possibility” that ISIS terrorists have already crossed the border into the United States.

And if they haven’t yet, he says the possibility of their doing so in the future is “a serious threat.”

“The border in insecure,” the governor said, “and we don’t know who’s using that.” The governor did share “anecdotal” evidence of possible terrorist incursions into the United States in the fact that three Ukrainians were taken into custody in Texas in recent weeks.

Other reports have indicated how well-equipped and funded the ISIS terrorists are, which means that they are probably the greatest terror threat as far as entering the country through the southern border is concerned. But they are certainly not the only group with the means and the desire to do so.

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