Texas Chick Jailed for Falsely Claiming Gang Rape

Breana Rachelle Harmon, 19, is going to jail on March 20 after she falsely accused three men for kidnapping her and raping her.

Harmon admitted she was guilty of the false accusations.

The incident all happened after Harmon’s fiancé reported her missing in March of 2017. After that happened she strangely appeared at a church barely clothed and bloodied up.

The Herald Democrat reported that the young woman was indicted on four charges, three of which were felonies.

‘She’s very remorseful for what she did and what she said, and that’s why she decided to plead guilty,’ her attorney Bob Jarvis said in the report.

Via the Daily Mail: On March 8, 2017 Harmon showed up at a local church. She was bloodied and wearing just a shirt, bra and underwear and claimed to have been gang raped. 

She later told police that she was abducted by ‘three black males’ in ski masks at her apartment before they took her to the woods near the church and took turns raping her while one of them held her down.

Within just a few days of the incident though, detectives say that Harmon’s story started to fall apart.



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