Texas lawmakers may permit concealed handguns on college campuses

TSUThe Texas State House of Representatives on Saturday passed a controversial bill that if signed into law will permit both resident and commuter university and college students to carry concealed firearms if they possess handgun licenses, according to Texas police officials.

The proposed law will allow licensed gun owners to carry firearms in classrooms and campus buildings such as dormitories, said Lt. Jonathon Steelmann, a member of Southwest University’s campus police department in nearby Arizona.

“While politicians are uncomfortable with the idea of firearms on campuses, most law enforcement officers believe just the fact that people on campus are armed will serve as a deterrent to everything from spree killings to robberies on college property,” said Lt. Steelmann.

However, the bill, which will likely move to the Senate, would probably allow schools to receive waivers for the legal mandate, according to a report.

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