Texas Shooting Survivors Say Kelley Targeted Children — Would Shoot Them at…

One couple who survived Devin Patrick Kelley’s targeted attack on a Texas church went into chilling details of the whole event, additionally saying that the shooter went ‘aisle to aisle’ shooting victims, children and screaming babies too, at point blank range.

Rosanne Solis and Joaquin Ramirez revealed in their account of things that they were in the last row of the church, close to the doors, when they heard shoots coming from outside. They said it sounded like firecrackers erupting.

After that Kelley came inside the church, went straight to the pulpit and turned back down the center aisle. He killed the congregants at point blank range, small children and babies too; double checking for survivors to shoot.

“The gunman checked each aisle for more victims, including babies who cried out amid the noise and smoke,” Ramirez said.

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Via the Daily Wire: Solis and Ramirez were able to escape by playing dead, though Ramirez told media he was hit and injured by flying debris. Many of their fellow worshippers were not so lucky; had a churchgoer not run to his truck to grab his own rifle, shooting Kelley twice and wounding him, the massacre could have claimed every life in the church, they said.

Tuesday, more details emerged about shooter Kelley, as well, including that Kelley had served time in a mental institution in 2012. Kelley escaped the hospital and tried to sneak back onto his former Air Force Base,”to carry out death threats that [he] had made on his military chain of command.” He was apprehended and arrested en route to base.


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