THAT’S FUNNY: Arab Representatives at Presser, ‘Netanyahu is a Danger to Democracy’

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That’s ironic.

Representatives of the Joint List arrived today (Sunday) to meet President Reuven (Rubi) Rivlin, and said they decided not to recommend any candidate to form the next government. The party’s chairman, Dr. Ayman Odeh, harshly criticized Prime Minister Netanyahu’s conduct on the days leading to the elections, and accused him of racism towards the Arab population in Israel.

Netanyahu’s statement on Election Day caused a storm, after he called on his voters to go out and vote, warning that “the Arabs are going to vote in droves.” The Joint List used the meeting with the President to criticize the PM. “We see Benyamin Netanyahu as a dangerous man,” said Odeh, “he is dangerous to democracy; he systematically chews on the democratic space.”

Odah said his party members asked Rivlin to publically condemn Netanyahu’s Election Day statement. “He incited against the participation of the Arab population in the voting,” claimed the chairman of the Joint List. According to Odah, the President chose to renounce Netanyahu’s stance, but did not mention Netanyahu by name.”

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