‘THAT’S NOT A REAL PROFESSION’: Host of ‘The View’ Continues to Mock Nurses After Apologizing for Initial Comments, Loses 3 MORE Advertisers

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Advertisers are dropping the show like hot-cakes. Maybe they were waiting for an excuse?

Michelle Collins of The View reportedly joked about nurses backstage at the show on Wednesday even after apologizing on air to the Miss America contestant who was mocked by the ladies after she wore her scrubs and a stethoscope on stage during last weekend’s competition.

Kelley Johnson of Colorado delivered a monologue about being a nurse on Sunday – and the next day on The View hosts Joy Behar and Michelle Collins  made fun of her speech and outfit.

The program has since lost five major advertisers – Johnson & Johnson, Eggland’s Best, Party City, Snuggle and McCormick – and is now facing another possible battle after claims made by guest host Nicole Arbour.

Arbour, who appeared on the show Wednesday when the women apologized, claims that Collins said of nurses when the show was not on the air; ‘Yeah, that’s not a real profession. They want to be doctors.’

But a spokesperson for the show called Arbour’s claims ‘completely false.’

Appearing on Opie and Jim Norton, Arbour said: ‘Backstage, I heard the girls being like, “Oh yeah, our nurse jokes didn’t go over well so we have to apologize because they’re tweeting us too much.”

‘And I’m like, “you all are pu**ies.” See, I can sit in my jokes and be like, yeah, I made them, I think it’s funny. Whatever. But they go on there and make a fake apology. When the cameras weren’t rolling, Michelle was like “Yeah, that’s not a real profession. They want to be doctors.”‘

Collins said on the show this week in the wake of the controversy;  ‘You know, as a result of this situation, I didn’t understand the challenges facing nurses, the need to improve how people view and appreciate what you do and I’ll be honest I think the comments made Monday kind of played into that and I’m sorry about that.’

A spokesperson for The View told DailyMail.com: ‘Michelle Collins and Nicole Arbour were never backstage at the same time at The View. Michelle was on the stage from the start of the show until after the show ended. Nicole was brought down to the backstage area for her segment after the show started.’

This is all happening in just the second week of the show’s new season – and Collins’ second week as a host.

The night of the pageant Collins also reportedly posted tweets about Johsnon, and after getting backlash from nurses on social media wrote; ‘I mean it is a little funny the hidden anger you nurses possess.’

She would later delete the tweet but not before some Twitter users took screen grabs and then reposted them.

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