THE BODY CAM GRANT: $20Mil Set to be Sent to Local Police Departments

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 9.30.40 AMWill this be an answer to our nation’s problems?

Five months after President Obama pledged to send police departments $75 million to buy body cameras, the first portion of that money is set to be released. The Justice Department said today that, pending approval by Congress, the administration will be granting $20 million to local police departments as the first part of a three-year program, Reuters reports.

The money comes with some strings: the police departments must already have body camera policies in place to be eligible for a grant, and the federal money will match local dollars. Although the grants will be used for purchase of the cameras and training for police, they won’t go toward the costs of storing footage. The first grants will be part of a pilot program to oversee the effectiveness of the cameras.

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