The CBO says immigration reform will cut deficit

cboA new CBO study estimates that passing the Senate immigration reform bill would lead to a net increase of 10.4 million people residing in the United States — this compared to the projected increase if things were to stay the same.

It should be noted that the number does not include around 1.6 million temporary workers and their dependents, nor does it include the 8 million illegal immigrants the CBO says would gain legal status if the bill passed. Those people “would not affect the size of the U.S. population”.

The CBO also claims the bill would increase direct federal spending by $262 billion from 2014–2023, but that revenues would increase by $459 billion over the same period.  Supposedly the bill would  lower deficits by $700 billion in 2023-33.

The increase in the number of legal residents stemming from the bill would boost direct spending for federal benefit programs; direct spending for enforcement and other purposes also would rise. Under the bill, federal revenues would be higher as well, mostly because of the larger size of the labor force.

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