‘THE ELECTRONIC HOLOCAUST’: Hactivist Group ‘Anonymous’ Plans to Erase Israel from Cyberspace for Crimes Against Palestine

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Looks like Israel is going to be busy the next couple years fighting off these guys.

Hackers have struck Israeli websites, authorities said. The attack comes days after Anonymous hacktivists threatened Israel with “the electronic holocaust” which, the group vowed, would “erase it from cyberspace” on April 7 for “crimes” in Palestine.

It is alleged that Anonymous have targeted dozens of websites belonging to Israeli musicians and non-profit organizations, Israel’s Computer Emergency Response Team said, adding that the governmental websites were not affected.

However, the Twitter account of #OpIsrael which is a part of Anonymous’s annual operations, claimed that at least 150,000 phone numbers, Facebook, Gmail and Hotmail accounts have been hacked.

The affected websites were replaced with photos of a Muslim holy site in Jerusalem and of militants holding the Islamic State militant flag. They left a message signed by “AnonGhost.”

According to the Middle East Eye news portal, several government websites were hacked, including that of the country’s parliament, the Knesset, the court system and the Education Ministry.

Hacking experts told Arutz Sheva, an Israeli media network, that the hack was carried out mainly by hackers in Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

Most hackers generally attack Israeli websites with viruses or hidden mechanisms like “Trojan horses,” Adi Cohen, an internet and Google expert, told Arutz Sheva.

Cohen suggested some tips to secure computers from hackers. Among them was not to open emails from an unknown source or not to connect external devices like USB drives to any computer that has didn’t have a virus check.

“End-user awareness is critical and very important,” he said, adding that office workers should shut down their work computers at the end of the working day.

In its March 4 video, Anonymous threatened Israel with “the electronic holocaust” which, the group vowed, would “erase it from cyberspace” back for “crimes” in Palestine.

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