The Fallacy of Gun Control

guncontrolAs a parent of two boys under the age of four, a responsible gun owner, and an NRA member, I’d like to take this opportunity to rebut “Sensible Arms Control,” in which my good friend Brett Joshpe argues for more gun control following the Newtown tragedy.

Gun Rights are Inalienable and Natural

There is nothing “lazy” about characterizing the inalienable right to defend self, family, and property, and the right to hunt, as “natural rights.” Preaching from their ivory towers (typically capitol buildings, college campuses, gated communities, and urban apartments), gun control proponents casually dismiss the dire consequences of disarming law-abiding citizens. I own a home in an empty corner of Maine, where my family and I are generally out of range of rapid police assistance both on our property and while traveling in the area. As a concealed carry permit holder, I have the opportunity to save our lives if we are confronted by violent criminals.

Bad Guys Will Get Guns No Matter What

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Putting aside for the moment the absurdity of banning semi-automatic firearms (almost all commonly owned handguns are either semi-automatic pistols or double-action revolvers capable of firing in a manner similar to semi-automatic, and many commonly owned rifles and shotguns are semi-automatic), historical and current events should sound blaring alarms to well-intentioned individuals like Brett.

Across the Atlantic, the failure of the United Kingdom’s gun control program was recently displayed during the 2011 London riots when unarmed shopkeepers and homeowners were forced to watch marauding gangs of powerful young men loot and destroy while overwhelmed police failed to contain the raging throng. Ironically, in a most uncivilized turn of events, civilized citizens in the United Kingdom live in a creepy Orwellian surveillance state in which dystopian fiction has given way to the nightmarish reality of “might makes right.”

Closer to home, our broken neighbor Mexico is a failed state in which drug cartels kill government officials with impunity, where beheaded and bullet-ridden corpses litter highways, and respectable citizens cower in fear. Mexico has among the strictest gun control laws in the world.

Back in the United States, Chicago, subject to some of the most stringent gun control in the nation, observed a timely milestone this week: its 500th murder of 2012. Conveniently, the fanatically anti-gun media ignores the daily body count in the combat zones of urban America, where violent young men slaughter each other daily and gangs terrorize with impunity. Mass shootings like Newtown are much more suited to the hysterical modus operandi of today’s “journalists.” As Chicago demonstrates, gun control is an abject failure precisely because it…



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