The Female Celebrities Go on Attack: Anyone Who is a Trump Supporter, Especially Women, Should…

It seems like the left is still a little bitter that President Trump is in charge of things… well, maybe more than a ‘little’.

Usually celebrities didn’t voice their opinions, but now it’s “ok” for the public figures to offend more than half of America.

Enter Ellen Pompeo, the Grey’s Anatomy star. She tweeted out to her 1.3 million followers: “News flash… I don’t want Trump supporters for fans. Einstein.”

Pompeo’s rant started after she tweeted a news story earlier about the apparent lynching of an 8yr-old biracial boy.

The most controversial part of her tweet, however, were the hashtags she used: #gof*ckyourselvestrumpsupporters and #especiallythewomen.

She even pulled the if you support ‘racist’ Trump then you’re a racist too, move.

You could say Pompeo was especially rude, even causing some of her fans to comment she might have been hacked. But, no… the TV star explained she’s just “straight savage when it comes to doing the right thing.”

Here is the full rant:

Pompeo has become more politically outspoken than in her early days on her doctor drama. She was vocal about getting people to the polls prior to the election and obviously even more so after Hillary Clinton’s loss. Who can forget her headline-making tweet to Ivanka Trump about Jared Kushner? Not us. But, hey, it fits with the whole “straight savage” thing.

Enter the other female celebrity who is attacking any of her fans who’re Trump supporters…

Olivia Wilde, who’s currently starring in 1984 on Broadway, has long been politically outspoken — and has protested several times this year, including outside Trump Tower in NYC in August after the president defended the actions of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and the KKK in Charlottesville, Va. It was around that time that the actress — whose mom, Leslie Cockburn, is running for congress in Virginia — addressed “Trumpy Trolls” who had apparently been hassling her and threatening to boycott her work.

Not only did she tell them to go ahead and boycott her movies, but Wilde, who has 1.85 million Twitter followers, did so along with the middle finger emoji. Nothing ambiguous there.


And then there is Cher.

Opposing Trump’s administration to end the DACA program she asked her followers to “take a DREAMER in 2 their home and protect them,” because she is planning to do the same.

A critic of the singer said, “Sure you will Cher. I’ll believe it when I see it.” To which Cher replied, “Then keep your eyes open, b**ch.”


The crass replies from these females would have easily been damaging to their reputation, back in the day of good PR. It is one thing to be a thoughtful opposer, but that is not the case here. Threats and disrespectful comments are now the new “it” thing for celebrities to do and apparently it’s not hurting their careers.

Maybe Trump supporters should do like Olivia Wilde asked and additionally boycott all the celebrities who’ve decided to attack their fans.


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